Inspector Singh Investigates…A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder

When his superiors send fat Singapore police Inspector Singh to Malaysia, they believe they are getting rid of a trouble maker. The unbribable Singh is flummoxed however, when he is asked to help a beautiful Singapore ex-pat out of prison. Chelsea Liew, ex-model, has been involved in an abusive and very public marriage, who until someone shot her husband, was fighting for custody of her children. Alan Liew, corpse, had, previous to his demise, converted to Islam to gain the support of the Syriah court in the custody battle. There is so much more at work than what appears at face value, however, and Singh must wade through corrupt logging companies, strained relations between Malaysia, Borneo and Singapore, Alan Liew’s jealous brothers, extra-marital affairs and Singh’s sister’s cholesterol inducing cooking to find the truth.

This is a well written, often humourous crime series which brings to light some of the idiosyncrasies of Asian society and politics. It will be well loved by admirers of Alexander McCall Smith and a good mystery, and by anyone who has visited Singapore or Malaysia.

(Inspector Singh Investigates…A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder by Shamini Flint, 9780749929756, published by Little,Brown, $22.99)


~ by ConsanguineousMind on March 7, 2009.

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