The Red Wind by Isobelle Carmody

This is another wonderfully Dark Crystal-esque world of incredible beauty and direst threat from one of Australia’s best fantasy writers. If any of you remember the Little Fur series which was bound in lovely velvety hardbacks, this is a similar world in which the environment is under threat again. The two characters, Zluty and Bily are furry little brothers who hatched from a metal egg, and who now live in an idyllic little cottage that they built themselves. They are very inventive about using the resources the environment provides for them. Zluty always goes on a long journey to the faraway forest to collect the extra foodstuffs they need to survive winter, and Bily (the more timid one) gets their house ready by making extra clay pots, spinning warm blankets and dying bright sheets to hang the walls with. Sigh. I want to go live in that cottage.
But one day a terrible red cloud creeps over their world, darkening the skies and separating the brothers. They are both in terrible danger, and their whole existence is under threat.
When Bily finds a terrible monster hurt in his cellar, he realises that he is braver than he knew, and Zluty makes some very frightening discoveries when he delves deeper into the forest than he ever has before.
I stayed up late reading this one and it fulfilled all of my expectations. Fantastic for readers 8-100 (probably even 100+ as the text is nice and big and there are lovely illustrations!)


~ by ConsanguineousMind on July 5, 2010.

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