Hark, what a lark, them bookshop jokes

Because all of my bookshop cronies and I spend 50-70% indoors, away from natural light, and normal company, we seem to have developed a hive mind. This proves to be fantastic for the little ‘in’ jokes we have, which are exclusively book and film-based (we are geeks and we are not ashamed!). Wandering into the shop last week, you may have been confused to notice the new popular penguin advertisements strewn with speech bubbles created by our teahouse cronies. We’d decided, you see, that the Popular Penguin people are actually Riverbend doppelgangers (you can check them out here)

There’s also been some sneaky special ordering going on…Somebody (no names) ordered me a copy of ‘Bobby Blanchard, Lesbian Gym Teacher’ – a spoof on the old 1950s girls’ boarding school books that I collect. For my mate over at Call Me Ishmael Syndrome (see blogroll), we sneak-order anything with whales, krakens or salty seadogs… We’re trying our damndest to give her a ‘whale-girl’ complex.
And then there are the single entendres, in the style of ‘Are You Being Served’. So if you hear sniggering from behind the counter, often it’s because http://www.haveyouseenthatfilm.com is making cracks just as I’m taking a sip of steaming coffee! (Thankfully I have a good swallow-reflex…badoom ching!)Thanks hive-friends for keeping me entertained through the long hours of unboxing, stickering and general tasking with your ‘that’s what she said’s’ and book references!

ps. there’s a great Popular Penguin webgame you can play if you think you’re a classics whiz!   http://penguinparty.popularpenguins.com.au/


~ by ConsanguineousMind on July 10, 2010.

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