The Star by Felicity Marshall

Wow. I picked up this brilliant picture book on a whim, and was blow away by its sophistication. It’s the story of Marion (ostensibly a marionette) who has two loyal friends, Harley (the Harlequin) and Polka the dog. She listens to the poisonous whisperings of a little bird who says she should be famous. On her road to fame, she changes everything about herself, and loses track of Harley and Polka – who end up homeless. When things go bad, Marion runs to Harley and Polka for help – but it’s too late – a new star has replaced her. She’s old news. Despite her many, many mistakes, Harley and Polka take her with them back to their home and love her regardless. The images are stunning and evocative of a magical world living a breath away from this one. The themes are subtle and complex – unusual for a picture book, and very Hans Anderson-esque in their execution. Had I read it as a child it would have been one of those unforgettable ones that haunts your dreams. What a find! I hope it wins the Cybil Award it is nominated for!


~ by ConsanguineousMind on March 4, 2011.

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